Good Things Starts from the Little ones
ReRe REWEES Minis AB 2 - 4 jahre
Our Motto: Sport, Fun, Exercise   &  Games…
  Rere kids…

ReRe Development

personal Function: Improved strength, Improved self-esteem, Improved critical thinking skills, Improved self-discipline, learn to work in team, increased awareness of right and wrong, Explore a variety of game forms, learn and practice games


Redefining Moments... Cross boarder with new ideas

• Adaptive Function: • providing the kids with the basics required for all sport, • running, jumping, catching, eye coordination, acrobatic, • play in team, • basic forms of movement, • explore devices while moving freely • Explore running, throwing, catching, rolling and jumping opportunities • Imitate, improvise, design and represent • Strive for physical performance limits 

Love For the Sport ...Ball sport

increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular activities…builds strength, flexibility and endurance…increases focus, muscle and bone strength.



Redefined Moments
Motto rere rewees Minis & rere rebees maxis

 The concept catch them young “age is nothing but a number’’ is designed for kids in this range. Our concept meets exactly this gap. Under the motto “Minis and Maxis”. We ReRe have improved the programs/training/concept/modernize numerous outrageous programs for minis and maxis in order to lay the foundations for future use in all ball sports.



150 Euro per 15 Unit (Einstieg jederzeit möglich..., Bei Einstieg während des Semesters Preis nach Absprache/Vereinbarung). ... Ab 18 Februar. 2024 - 28. Juni 2024. Ab September 2024... 159 Euro per 15 Unit (Einstieg jederzeit möglich..., Bei Einstieg während des Semesters Preis nach Absprache/Vereinbarung)Herbst - Winter Ab. 16. September 2024 - 31. Januar 2025.

• 20% discount for Sibling


16. Februar 2024 – 30. Juni  2024 

Our Model

Improves coordination, speed, balance, traction, concentration and multiplexing

Create a fun and social environment for the children

Improving cognitive skills/Build confidence and balance

Increase memory capabilities and attention spans

Increased mental and physical reaction time

Improved instant decision-making skills

Improved strategy and technique, as well as visual and auditory processing/Improves motor perception skills

Encouraging team participation, team interaction and teamwork