Good Things Starts from the Little ones
ReRe REBEES Minis AB 4 - 6 Jahre
Our Motto: Sport, Fun, Exercise   &  Games…
Motto rere rewees Minis& rere rebees maxis

 The concept catch them young “age is nothing but a number’’ is designed for kids in this range. Our concept meets exactly this gap. Under the motto “Minis and Maxis”. We ReRe have improved the programs/training/concept/modernize numerous outrageous programs for minis and maxis in order to lay the foundations for future use in all ball sports.



Preis: 150 Euro für 15 Einheiten

• 20% discount for Sibling
• 30% discount for attending multiple locations


Mittelschule Teesdorf, Schulegasse 5, 2524 Teesdorf

Every Tuesdays

Time: 15: 00 PM  – 16: 00 PM

Time: 16:00 PM – 17:00 PM